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… and we’re off!

The Beginning – Excerpt from Chapter One: Earth, Spin: Check “Run, Sadie! Run!” Gramma Rose yelled. Where’s her voice coming from? “I’m running as fast as I can!” I screamed, but the wind swallowed my words. I looked down at my feet; they disappeared into darkness. Terrorized by the lightning storm overhead, I jumped every time an earth-shaking boom of thunder followed a jagged strike. With the tempest so close, I feared being struck by […]

Where Does Your Magic Live?

Welcome to all who venture here. We two sisters published our first book in a series unearthed from dreams and realities, challenges, and inspiration from unlikely spots on the map. We are Andrea and Leslie. There we said it. We hope you will check it out, subscribe, and best of all… leave comments to start or continue meaningful conversations. Our dark fantasy series works together with our overall mission of striving for peace and empowerment. […]